Open Elms Netflix style e-Learning Management System from e-Learning WMB

This Learning Management System redefines what can be expected from an LMS, offering functionality that allows you to implement and maintain the most effective learning experience possible. This is achieved by our 5 key products:

Open Elms e-Learning Management System from e-Learning WMB

e-learning LMS

Data Management: LMS, TMS, e-Portfolio

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Open Elms Live webcam Learning

e-learning courses online

Open eLMS Live - a remote learning solution for education and business.

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Open Elms bespoke elearning

e-learning courses online

Courses built from the ground up to meet your needs perfectly.

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editable elearning courses

elearning course library

Over 200 courses available for immediate purchase, covering the most important issues in business and education.

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elearning creation software

e-Learning CMS system Jackdaw from e-learning WMB

Powerful and easy to use authoring - formerly known as 'Jackdaw Cloud'.

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Suitable for business and education

Open Elms works equally well for business and education. Options also available for apprenticeships, schools, colleges and universities.

Open eLMS - 'Netflix' meets elearning for business
Open eLMS - elearning for apprenticeships
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for school
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for college
Open eLMS - Netflix meets elearning for university

What makes Open eLMS different?

Open eLMS is a one stop solution

Making different systems work together can be a nightmare, with different learning suppliers evading responsibility for integration. Open eLMS is a one stop solution for all your e-learning, from management systems to elearning creation software.

Open eLMS puts Usability at the heart of its design

Open eLMS with its Netflix style interface and drag and drop elearning creation is the ultimate in user-centred design. Open eLMS has been designed by an ergonomist so that it requires zero training to use.

Our elearning is fully customisable

Both Bespoke and off the shelf elearning can be edited to meet your requirements using our authoring software, OpenElms Create - all clients get access to this system free of charge! You simply will not find any other elearning supplier offering this level of flexibility and sophistication with their elearning.

200+ Courses Available

Courses can be purchased individually or within curated packages for a discounted price. Contact us with the courses you are interested in, along with the number of users to receive a quote.

The content AND the LMS

Buy a course and get the ability to deliver it to your learners at zero additional cost. You are able to run the courses you purchase on our powerful Open eLMS Learning Management System, with its innovative user interface and comprehensive reporting functionality.

Over 25 years in the industry

When it comes to expertise, nothing trumps experience. With 25+ years in the industry, and accreditation from CPD UK, ROSPA and more, we’re well placed to provide you with course creation and advice to supercharge the success of your elearning efforts

Any format, any device

All of our products and courses are fully compliant with HTML5 and PHP standards, meaning that regardless of operating system, browser or device (PC/Phone/Tablet), your elearning can be accessed by learners.

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Latest News

As the world shuts down, we have found companies are increasingly taking the opportunity to train their staff online and education establishments are running live classrooms using Zoom and MS Teams through Open Elms. Find out what the latest news regarding our learning solutions below ...

Coronavirus (Covid 19) eLearning to help you back to work

July 23, 2020

eLearning WMB have produced a range of elearning modules to help guide people safely back to work in the retail, office and hotel sectors.

The learning follows the UK Government advice although this good practice could apply equally well to any location.

100% Free Black Lives Matter Awareness eLearning

June 24, 2020

Access the Black Lives Matter Awareness elearning has been designed to bring the Black Lives Matter message of equality from the street protests to the workplace where real change can be felt.

In addition this course is 100% editable using Open eLMS Creator.

Click here for course link.

Software solutions for COVID 19


May 29, 2020

What can we do to prevent an educational melt-down in future?

In just a few short weeks, the ‘normal’ educational schedule was thrown into chaos. Andrew Howie discusses what can be done in future via the use of technology to ensure we can keep teaching regardless of the physical location of students.

Watch a recording of this webinar.

What can we do to keep our schools open?

Education Magazine Feature Interview

April 02, 2020

What can we do to keep our schools open

Double page feature article asks eLearning WMB's Managing Director - Emil Reisser-Weston - what schools can do in the face of the pandemic.

Full access to the article is available here.

Live training online

Open eLMS Live launches!

March 19, 2020

Enables training providers and academic institutions to move training online

In the face of the pandemic we are offering an out of the box solution to keep your training business in operation. Bring your curricula online, there is no reason to stop providing a full teaching service with Open eLMS.

As businesses are struggling to find money for investment, Open eLMS's online classroom experience is free for a one month trial - find out more details.

Click here to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can get you up and running on the same day.

100% Free Corona Virus Awareness eLearning

March 17, 2020

Access the Coronavirus Awareness elearning to educate your employees on what steps to take in order to minimise the risk of exposure to you and others at work.

In addition this course is 100% editable using Open eLMS Creator.

Click here for course link.

LMS e-learning Review

The review is now in!

Learning Management System Review

Learning Light Review

March 02, 2020

“As for price, let’s say you get a lot of features, lots of excellent design, and consequently a lot of engagement from learners and managers (usually the really tough group to crack) for the price of a simple SaaS solution with half the feature sets and nowhere near the design excellence.”

Learning, 2020

That’s what Learning Light had to say about the Open eLMS Learning Management System when they were amongst the first to get a hands-on last week. Read the review here