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Why e-Learning WMB = bespoke e-learning?

At e-learning WMB we place video presenters in interactive virtual e-learning worlds to produce e-learning that is low cost to produce, but actually rivals TV documentaries in quality.

We can develop e-learning directly from clients scripts else can bring in David Schneider and his Comedy e-Learning team - best known for his work on TV shows such as I’m Alan Partridge and The Day Today - to add relevant humour to the e-learning to produce e-learning that will never be forgotten. In a recent independent study 98% of 102 respondents said they understood the learning content after completion!

Does this e-learning cost the earth to produce? Simple answer is no, we find that in 90% of cases we are actually cheaper than your current e-learning supplier and as with the case of membership - actually free in some cases.

Click on the image to see an example of the e-Learning we can produce.


E-Learning Membership is a revolutionary new concept in e-learning. Membership enables you to source all your e-learning needs to one supplier, no additional payments, fees etc. Its like having an entire e-learning department attending to your every need, including designer, developers, project management and support.

Bespoke e-Learning

At e-learning WMB we place video presenters in interactive virtual e-learning worlds to produce e-learning that is low cost to produce, but actually rivals TV documentaries in quality.

Editable Courses

Every course we produce can be freely edited using e-learning WMB's very own Jackdaw CMS software which we use to create the e-learning in the first place. This software far more powerful than traditional e-learning software in that it produces beautiful looking e-learning free from the design constraints found in other applications.

(Comed) e-learning

Add relevant humour to the e-learning to produce e-learning that will never be forgotten.

e-Learning WMB News

e-learning news bespoke e-learning guarantee

e-Learning Guarantee

Managing Director Emil Reisser-Weston announces the bespoke e-learning guarantee. Believed to be the first of its kind in the e-learning industry where he guarantees that he will match the price of any existing e-learning quote and using e-learning WMB's unique technology, produce e-learning that is a step change improvement in quality AND at a lower cost.

Emil said "The unique qualities of our development process means that we can produce documentary style e-learning with video presenters that is unique in the e-learning business and because we have created all bespoke technology to do it, we can produce a course in a few days whereas it used to take us several weeks. Passing on these savings to the customers means that everyone wins, better quality at a lower cost is what we are all about."

The e-Learning Centre in the UK recently commented that e-learning WMB were unique in the UK for the quality of their e-learning and the breadth of services that we offer from bespoke e-learning to Rapid e-Learning software and Open Source Learning Management Systems.

Further information about our membership service and bespoke e-learning development can be found in the e-learning development process.

e-learning WMB ties up with BBC writer and comedian David Schneider for bespoke e-learning development

e-Learning WMB Links with David Schneider

e-Learning WMB have done a deal to produce e-learning exclusively with David Schneider and his writing team (Alan Partidge, The Day Today etc.) Adding humour greatly increases the salience of the e-learning and when relevant can greatly increase its retention.

Hear a recent radio interview with Monocle Radio with David Scheider and e-Learning WMB's Head of e-Learning Emil Reisser-Weston on Comedy(e-Learning) and why it is so effective.

M learning or Mobile Learning LMS and e-learning courses

M Learning (Mobile Learning) Launched

e-Learning WMB have created a system to publish any course (bespoke or from it course list) as smartphone App. The App acts as a cut down e-Learning Management System enabling the synchronization of e-learning records in the cloud.

Search on the AppStore for "e-Learning WMB" to see the M-Learning in action.

e-Learning Learning Management System Open E-Lms

e-Learning Management System - Open Elms Pro Released

The first new edition of e-learning WMB's e-Learning Management System: Open ELms Pro has been launched. The system retains its ease of use and other features which makes it business focused, but now has a dramatic improvement in speed and overall design. The e-learning system has been nearly 2 years in development.

Register to see the e-Learning system in action and access any of our demo e-learning courses.

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For further information register and see some of our work running on our Open Elms e-learning Learning Management System

Else contact us on +44 (0)118 902 6825 or so we can discuss your project and give you a fixed price quotation. We work across the globe in a variety of sectors, we are sure we have the experience to help.

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