Open eLMS: Learning Management like Netflix with video conferencing

Teacher Zoom Support

Manager/Teacher Installation

Step 1: Create your first Zoom teaching session

Managers or teachers using the Open eLMS system will encounter the option to create a Zoom meeting when adding a training session/lesson to their learning schedule/timetable.

Clicking on the [Create a Zoom meeting] button below will commence the Zoom installation (if running for the first time.).

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 2: Create your Zoom account

If you already have an account a Zoom meeting will be created. If you are not already signed in then you will need to sign in to your account.

If you do not have an account then select the [Sign up, it's Free] button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 3: Cookies

If you are happy to then select [Agree and Proceed].

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 4: Sign Up Options

If you have Google or Facebook accounts then you can sign up with those (your credentials will automatically be updated in Zoom).

Alternatively select [Agree and Proceed] to sign in manually.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 5: Conformation Email Sent

You are then sent out a confirmation email.

Check your email in order to continue.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 6: Activate Account

Press the [Activate Account] link in your email.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 7: Sign in to Zoom

Sign in and create a password as per on-screen instructions.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 8: Invite Colleagues

You can skip this step, as your students will be invited when they access the lesson.

See the student zoom instructions for details.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 9: Test your meeting

Test your meeting by pressing on the [Start Meeting Now] button.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 10: Test Audio

It is a good idea to test your speaker and microphone - press the [Speaker and Microphone] link.

You should now be ready to start your first lesson. You can return to the lesson interface again.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 12: Authorise the App

Allow Open eLMS to access your Zoom account - the permissions it needs will be listed on the authorisation screen.

Select [Authorise] to continue.

Authorise the Zoom App

Step 11: The Lesson has been Created

The Zoom lesson is created at the start time and date selected.

It has now been added to the database. When the lesson is due, both yourself and students will get notified accordingly.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 13: Select the Curriculum

Select the appropriate area(s) of the curriculum to which this lesson applies.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 14: Select the Class and Class Members

Then select the class/department to which this lesson will be shown to. Individual members of the class can be selected if for instance this is an extended learning session for just a few students.

Press [Close] to save this lesson on your schedule.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 15: Lesson added to Schedule/Timetable

The lesson is added to your schedule as shown.

Fill up your week with lesson plans which can either be run remotely (or face to face.)

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 16: Running the Zoom Lesson

Click on the lesson on your schedule to run it press the [Open link in new window].

The lesson can also be edited using this window. Additional times for scheduling this lesson can also be arranged by pressing th e[+Add time] button.

Creating a zoom lesson