Open eLMS: Learning Management like Netflix with video conferencing

Teacher Usage Support

Step 1: Creating a Lesson Plan

Zoom Integration allows the Teachers/Trainers etc. to schedule meetings directly with the learners. To do this the learner needs to navigate to their Timetable tab as shown.

Navigating to Timetable

Enter the start date and time of the lesson and the duration.

Once this is done, teachers can select the [Create a Zoom meeting] button to set up the lesson at that time.

Creating a zoom lesson

If this is your first time accessing Zoom form Open eLMS, then allow Open eLMS to access your Zoom account - the permissions it needs will be listed on the authorisation screen.

Select [Authorise] to continue.

Authorise the Zoom App

The lesson will be created with a meeting ID which will be displayed on the screen.

You now need to scroll down the screen to link this lesson to the curriculum (it will make finding a recording of this lesson easier in future.

Creating a zoom lesson

Select the appropriate area(s) of the curriculum to which this lesson applies.

Creating a zoom lesson

Then select the class/department to which this lesson will be shown to. Individual members of the class can be selected if for instance this is an extended learning session for just a few students.

Press [Close] to save this lesson on your schedule.

Creating a zoom lesson

The lesson is added to your schedule as shown.

Fill up your week with lesson plans which can either be run remotely (or face to face.) These lessons can be edited by click on them on the schedule.

Creating a zoom lesson

Step 2: Running a Lesson Plan

Click on the lesson on your schedule to run it press the [Open link in new window].

Additional times for scheduling this lesson can also be arranged by pressing the [+Add time] button.

Creating a zoom lesson

The zoom window will open with your video running. Learners should join the lesson at the allotted time.

Running a zoom lesson