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Since 2003, e-Learning WMB has offered a one-stop solution to all your e-learning needs, uniquely providing all the products you need to make, run and maintain e-learning. This means our e-learning can do more than standard systems and we can offer more to our clients. Select below for further information

Netflix style LMS/TMS

Open Elms (LMS)

A learning management system like no other, 'Netflix style' e-learning means unparalleled ease of use and a system capable of dealing and tracking any type of training from classroom to YouTube, as well as e-learning.

Jackdaw Cloud e-learning authoring software

Jackdaw Cloud (Authoring)

An cloud based authoring system which requires no software installation. The system produces next generation e-learning in minutes, have a go you will be amazed what you will produce with media libraries containing around 5,000 elements.

Apprentix e-Portfolio Apprentice management and e-Learning system

Apprentix (Apprentice e-Portfolio)

An e-portfolio and learning system designed to be the first only ‘all in one’ apprenticeship learning and e-portfolio solution which can be supplied with +100 hours of high quality online learning for each Apprenticeship standard.

e-Start Induction e-Learning

e-Start (Induction)

A complete induction/on-boarding system. e-Start includes a fully customised induction featuring video presenters for your organisation as well as all the systems needed to maintain the content so it accurately reflects your changing business environment.

Uniquely All Courses 100% Customisable in the Cloud!

Jackdaw Cloud Authoring e-Learning

... and e-learning modules on average equates to 1-2 hours CPD.

elearning equates to 1 hour CPD

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Open eLMS catalogue has over editable 200 courses in its library with a variety of purchasing options, make a meeting below or contact us for a spreadsheet of all courses with links directly to them.

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