Open eLMS Live

Want to move your face to face training online?

What is Open eLMS Live

Open eLMS Live is a plugin service for Open eLMS, which allows you to run live, synchronous training through the Learning Management System using Zoom, Teams etc. Training is recorded and participation is tracked like any other learning resource. Open eLMS Live is the interface were elearning and live training or teaching meets.

Feature List

Learner Experience

Integrates with existing systems (Zoom, Teams etc.)

Automated email alerts when lessons is starting

Learning on demand - records sessions for later access

Management Functions

Move timetable online

Schedule video conferencing learning sessions

Record attendance on Learning Management System

Add a blend of learning resources to the live lesson (videos, elearning, homework etc.

instant LMS access

Book a demonstration with one of our advisers

Open eLMS Live is a complete remote teaching/training application which works with Open eLMS or as a stand alone system.

At elearning WMB we appreciate you would like to try before you buy and as such we have a support team ready to take you through the system and set up a demonstration for you. We can also give you a quote for your organisation immediately over the phone.