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Open eLMS for Business

Learning Management System for Business

How does it work?

Open eLMS for Business is the one stop solution for anyone looking for a better way to create and manage their learning.

Designed specifically for businesses, this LMS has been evolving since 2003 - its as easy to use as Netflix, it can track a wide range of learning resources and can even create elearning through the embedded authoring tool, Open eLMS Creator.

Class Leading User Interface

The Open eLMS interface is built with user experience at the forefront of its design. Inspired by the products your learners are already using in their own time, it gives them visibility of learning that has been assigned and learning offered on a voluntary basis. Resources can be categorised in many useful ways, such as topics, in progress learning, newly released and more.


Netflix Style Search
Learning Management System meets Netflix

Learners have visibility to learning that is either assigned to them or learning that they seek out themselves. Classroom training, YouTube videos, web resources and elearning can all be displayed simultaneously, or a user may use the search bar to quickly find the course they want.

Training, Mentoring and Sign-off
Evidence uploaded by apprentice as part of e-portfolio

Open eLMS can accept and manage all types of learning, and allows users to request training sessions, managers to authorise said sessions, and both to verify attendance afterwards. The same process can be utilised to arrange and manage mentoring activities, and all of the information can be automatically linked to users’ calendar and email systems.

Managers, Trainers, Coaches, Mentors and Admins

Content Management and Authoring
calendar control alerts management of key learning tasks

Between Open eLMS and Open eLMS Creator, you are able to have full control over your learning from inception to delivery. All clients who have purchased Open eLMS automatically get access to Open eLMS Creator for no additional cost - now you have the very same tools we use to create all of our elearning.

Furthermore, the Creator tool is fully integrated into the LMS, allowing you to make instant changes to the courses from within the system, and without having to deal with SCORM imports or exports - (all courses made with Creator are still SCORM compliant).

Reporting and Reminders
Reporting Apprentice Standards

Managers can use the reporting tools within Open eLMS to track their learners on a number of different parameters - reports are fully customisable, can be scheduled to complete automatically and can be exported to PowerBI.

These same tools can be utilised to create custom lists of people, for example those who are behind on their learning commitments, and email them automatically until their due tasks are completed.

Content Developers

eLearning Authoring
Jackdaw Cloud e-learning software

The ground breaking elearning authoring system - Open eLMS Creator - is embedded into the LMS. The system includes virtual presenters and interactive objects, simply drag them from the library or upload your own assets - creating e-learning has never been this easy.

All Types of Learning
e-Learning and Training Management System

Content can be used as learning resources from a huge variety of sources, from YouTube videos to PDF documents found online. Learning content is everywhere, don't restrict yourself to SCORM packages, when video and web content can very often produce far more effective learning content.

Book a demonstration with one of our advisers

The foundation of the Open eLMS system is the Learning Management System (LMS). Open eLMS LMS can be purchased separately or part of much wider learning implementation.

At elearning WMB we appreciate you would like to try before you buy and as such we have a support team ready to take you through the system and set up a demonstration for you. We can also give you a quote for your organisation immediately over the phone.