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LMS: Open Elms Pro

At Last - An LMS aimed at Business

The system was built since standard Learning Management Systems have been designed for and by the education sector. The e-learning requirements for education are significantly different to business (course tracking v's employee and task management) to require the production of a Learning Management System solely focussed on business needs.

The result is Open Elms Pro.

Our LMS enables the tracking of e-learning at three different levels:

User Level
e-learning WMB's Customisablee-learning system with SCORM tracking

The user can monitor which screens are visited and completed by viewing the tracking menu at the left hand side of the training. By pressing view Results they can see further details such as the time they last visited each screen, how long they spent their and what, if any, score they got on each question.

Manager (Reporter) Level
Learning Management System tracks e-Learning

Managers of departments can monitor the progress of any trainees under them. Full tracking details are available to enable them to monitor their progress.

Administrator Level
Administrator uses Learning Management System Open ELms to assign users to the e-learning

The administrator can log in and set up departments, assign permissions to users and generally administer the system.

Try Open ELms today

Register online to try out Open ELms and any of our off the shelf courses available for immediate access.

By default you will get standard trainee access, if you need management access then let us know and we can arrange this for you. This will enable you to add a limited number of employees and create courses etc.

Purchasing Open Elms Pro

Open ELms Pro is a cloud based solution inclusive of all support and upgrades of the system.

  Membership Reseller Standard: Business Standard: Business Lite SME Basic
Description A cradle to grave approach to e-Learning Designed for companies planning on reselling their e-Learning Designed for SME up to 3,000 people Designed for SME up to 1,000 people Designed for SME up to 500 people Designed for SME up to 50 people
Organisation setup: Rebranding to reflect company’s messages and look and feel. CMS to support on-going changes
Launch Support: Import of existing HR and e-Learning Management System data
Updates: Updates are supplied to customers and assistance is given in updating Open Elms with minimal disruption to the user base.
Training: On site training in administering and managing the system (does not include overseas travel).
e-Learning Consultant: Experienced e-learning consultant is on call to provide guidance on getting the most out of your e-learning.        
e-Learning Library: Library of high quality business courses featuring video presenters and 3D virtual worlds.        
Shopping Cart: e-commerce interface          
Jackdaw CMS: Software for building e-learning          
Free Course Development: Development of any general interest courses likely to benefit our members.          
Bespoke Course Development: Bespoke development of up to 3 courses per year          
Disk Space 2GB 1GB 1GB 0.5GB 0.5GB 250MB
Cost per Additional GB £100/GB £125/GB £125/GB £200/GB £200/GB £250/GB
Prices start at: Cost is all inclusive, contact us for a formal quotation £10,000 £8,000 £7,000 £3,500 £2,000 £500