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Ethos of e-learning WMB

e-learning WMB - computer based learning since 1992

At e-learning WMB we have always believed that there are two ways of running an e-learning business. There is the accepted way and then there is the right way.

Since 1993 the management team have always sought the right way regardless of the problem or expense to the company. This "right way" approach has meant that we have deliberately lost money on projects if we believed that it would produce a better service to all our customers in the long run.

10 reasons why we believe that the e-learning WMB way is the "right way":

1. Learning is better: 3D e-learning we produce is as far away from the traditional PowerPoint style e-learning of old as Grand Theft Auto version 1 is from 5 (of course if you know nothing about video games this is a rather vacuous fact.) This captures the viewer's interest and helps them be intentive and learn.

2. e-learning is faster to produce: e-learning WMB have also produced completely new Content Management Systems (Jackdaw) for producing e-learning which relies of virtual 3D environments and embedded video presenters shot using our green screen studios. This software produces better e-learning quicker, which means huge cost savings to you.

3. e-learning that can respond quicker to changes in technology: since we make the software used to create our e-learning we can respond instantly to any change in technology (mobiles, operating systems etc.) There is no need to wait for the next release of Articulate, Captivate etc.

4. Better support: call or email us - you will get straight through to the technical team who developed the systems we use. We take pride in offering experienced support directly to you.

5. One-stop solution - support issues no longer need to fall between suppliers.

6. Mobile Learning is better - try to squeeze traditional e-Learning onto a smartphone and it looks cramped and it difficult to read. An e-learning WMB e-learning app on the other hand recreates the world of Gulliver, as a mini presenter walks across your hand - download any free e-Learning WMB Android or iPhone app to see.

7. Our e-learning can be very funny - humour can help maintain interest and make a point more memorable. Our e-learning production techniques are very close to TV production which makes it easy to work with top comedians and writers to produce something really unique.

8. Our systems are built ergonomically - the management team started life in ergonomics and as a result the "right way" has often been seen as the most ergonomic (or user-friendly) way. This is no more applicable to Learning Management System design which has been designed specifically for business users and not a handful of people in academic institutions.

9. We are cheap - not in a bad way as we lavish care and attention in everything we do - but we have streamlined processes that enable us to produce e-learning at a very low cost no matter where you go in the world. Our e-learning is very visual which means that we can use rapid authoring techniques such as green screen filming which although are impressive, they are far lower cost than illustration.

10. We are effective - this is the most important factor. Our e-learning works; in a recent independent study of over 100 learners 98% said they found the e-learning effective! A far cry from the negative stereotype some have had of e-learning

It is this ethos of doing things right that enables us to put Hollywood stars in our e-learning, work with Comedy gods and enable us to offer our clients e-learning membership which is a one-stop solution to e-learning. All the tools and services you will ever need can be supplied and supported by one supplier. If this sounds too much - then try us on a bespoke course, download our Learning Management System, access our online demo or even just download one of our many free Android or iPhone apps. Go on! You're only a click away from seeing what the fuss is all about.


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