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Data Protection e-learning equates to 1 hour CPD

Over 200 e-learning modules

e-Learning WMB has over 200 e-learning modules which can be purchased either individually, as packs of 6 or are supplied freely to purchasers of the membership scheme. The e-learning is divided into the following categories:

Data Protection and Security e-Learning

Includes Anti Money Laundering Introduction, Anti Social Behaviour for General Employees, Bribery Act, Credit Brokerage Accreditation, Data Protection Act, GDPR Awareness, Implementing the GDPR, General Security, IT Security, Managing your Digital Footprint, Money Laundering, Prevent Strategy etc.

Functional Skills e-Learning

Includes Functional Skills Maths Fractions, Functional Skills Maths Decimals, Functional Skills Maths Ratios, Functional Skills Maths 2D Shapes, Functional Skills Maths 3D Shapes, Functional Skills Maths Scale, Functional Skills Maths Data, Functional Skills Maths Probability, Functional Skills Maths Charts, Microsoft Word in 15 Minutes, etc

HR Induction & General Business Skills e-Learning

Includes Customisable Induction/on-Boarding, Customer Service, Customer Service (General Application), Dealing with Grievance Issues, Dealing with Performance Issues, Effective Communication, Financial Management and Budgeting, Introduction to Governance, Introduction to Marketing, ISO Beginners, ISO Intermediate, etc

Health and Safety e-Learning

Includes Asbestos Awareness, CDM for Client and Managing Agents, CDM: An Introduction, CDM: Contractor Management, COSHH, Driver Safety, Fire Safety, First Aid, Food Safety - An Introduction, Food Safety - Cross Contamination, Food Safety - Cleaning, Food Safety - Chilling, Food Safety - Cooking, Food Safety - Final Quiz, etc

Hospitality e-Learning

Includes Guest Complaints, Name Usage, Telephone Courtesy, Customer Service General, Food Safety - An Introduction, Food Safety - Cross Contamination, Food Safety - Cleaning, Food Safety - Chilling, Food Safety - Cooking, Food Safety - Final Quiz

Housing and Construction e-Learning

Includes Anti Social Behaviour for Community Safety Officers, Anti-Money Laundering Regulated Activities, Asbestos Awareness for Neighbourhood Officers, Bribery Act for Social Housing, Bid Writing, Complaints Handling, Customer Service, Introduction to Debt: StepChange Debt Charity, About Debt: StepChange Debt Charity, etc

Media e-Learning

Includes Coding in the Digital Marketplace, CRM an Introduction, Delivering a Media Pitch, Digital and Social Media Strategies, Digital Etiquette and Citizenship, Effective Communication, File Naming Conventions, Law and Journalism, Legal Issues Concerning Media Assets. Negotiating Skills Quiz, Note Taking at Interviews, etc


Includes Alcohol and Drug Awareness, Alcohol Awareness for Managers, Amphetamines Awareness for Managers, Assistive Technology, Cannabis Awareness for Managers, Cocaine Awareness for Managers, Drugs and Young People, Ecstasy Awareness for Managers, Equality and Diversity Foundation, Equality and Diversity, etc

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