3D e-Learning

What is 3D e-learning?

Don't worry you don't need special glasses - 3D e-learning is simply e-learning with depth. Traditionally e-Learning is presented in 2 dimensions like a Power Point slide, perhaps with an accompanying image or two.

Our e-learning is presented on screen in a virtual room.

This naturalistic setting is then filled with 3D objects such as falling blocks, books whose pages can be turned etc so that the learning environment is intuitive to use and also very attractive. Experience has shown that this type of presentation engages better with the learner and leads to greater retention of the facts.

3D learning is better learning.

But don't take our word for it, contact us and we can set you up on a trial of our system.

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Here are some examples of 3D e-learning

  • 3D e-learning from e-learning WMB gives e-learning depth
  • 3D e-learning is learning outside the box with virtual presenters
  • e-learning WMB use video presenters and 3D objects within the e-learning
  • 3D e-learning is fully customisable using the CMS
  • 3D e-learning

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