Webinar - What can we do to prevent an educational melt-down in future?

  • Zoom teams and classroom lesson system

In just a few short weeks, the ‘normal’ educational schedule was thrown into chaos. Schools, colleges and universities were faced with complete shut down - no pupils, no teachers and a significantly reduced ability to deliver lessons in a meaningful way.

Despite their best efforts many schools have struggled to adapt to the current crisis, with teachers under a lot of strain to keep lessons going without systems designed to help them manage their curricula appropriately.

As time has progressed, many people (particularly parents) have asked why technology, that is increasingly used in our private lives (particularly younger generations), is not being utilised to its full potential in education. Experts in the industry are already predicting the impact of coronavirus will compel many institutions to rethink their learning strategies.

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Andrew Howie is a Director at e-Learning WMB and has over 19 years’ experience in teaching and education