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VR e-learning

  • VR e-learning

Multi-format Learning

VR e-Learning is ideally suited to e-Learning WMB's corporate video meets e-learning approach. The same technology used is employed in VR to put the Learning inside the training.

Although this is not suitable for all e-learning, the experience is ideal for orientation and simulation training when what is needed is a transfer of experience rather than just knowledge.

Why Develop VR, HTML5, FLash and Apps - just develop e-Learning?

e-Learning WMB have developed a unique system which allows all of its courses to be displayed in any format from web to apps to Virtual Reality. Courses are developed once and then exported - this means that with our courses you are future proofed as well as it being inexpensive to do so as it is all part of the same development process using Jackdaw Cloud.