Open eLMS: Learning Management like Netflix with video conferencing

Learning Light: “Open eLMS is a masterpiece in User Interface and User Experience”

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Learning Light: “Open eLMS is a masterpiece in User Interface and User Experience”

Open eLMS Version 9 was released last month as we attended BETT 2020, where one attendee described it as “the best thing I’ve ever seen” after seeing it in action. Now, it comes under the scrutiny of David Patterson, an industry veteran and lead elearning consultant at Learning Light, who continued the positive stream of feedback we are seeing often as people discover the Open eLMS LMS.

Alongside the “very powerful” reporting, “sophisticated” learning pathways, and being a “masterpiece” in UI and UX, they described Open eLMS as a way to get “great results” from your investment.

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And that investment gets you twice the featureset of other SaaS solutions as well as “design excellence” that is rarely found in this space.

As you can probably guess, we are thrilled that the hard work and development we have put into the system has translated into a clear proposition of value for our end users, both managers and learners.

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We’re not done yet! As we strive to be the No Stress LMS, we will continue to improve our solutions to make your learning simultaneously easier to create, manage and distribute, within a package that offers high engagement, granular reporting and fantastic value! See our other offerings below:

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