The debate around whether children can safely return to schools is ultimately unnecessary

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Okay - let’s make a couple of things clear before we go any further: no, we’re not saying that concern for the health of our children is unfounded, nor will we be speaking about specifics when it comes to the government’s position on this. Rather, we’ll stick to what we do know - edtech.

We are now approaching six months since drastic measures to prevent coronavirus spreading uncontrollably were first introduced, and whilst some normality has returned, the introduction of localised lockdowns shows we’re not out of the woods yet.

As the summer holidays draw to a close, and parents begin seeking answers about the education and health of their children, differences in opinion on how best to balance childrens’ education and keep coronavirus under control have begun to surface. Whilst government ministers have gone on record to say the reopening of schools is “not up for debate”, The Lancet (An independent child and adolescent health academic journal) has conducted a study on the impact of schools returning, and concluded that without a better test and trace system, a second wave will be likely. Furthermore, headteachers have stated that more robust test and trace approach would give schools and parents much more confidence in returning.

This is where the debate begins to fall down - in 2020, with all the technological advancement of the last two decades and the transformation it has brought, why are we still relying on a single physical location as the single source of education for our children?

Let’s say the test and trace system does improve, but they recommend a local lockdown after an outbreak - are we not going to find ourselves in the same position as in March?

The reality is that solutions exist (such as ours) which allow for schooling to be conducted online, with live streamed lessons, elearning, homework assignments and more, all integrated within one easy solution.

Blended learning - mixing digital and traditional mediums would allow children and parents to choose between attending school in person, or tuning in via the internet and essentially circumvent many of the risks associated with reopening schools during this pandemic.

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