Coronavirus Awareness Course: SCORM Package & Embedding Available at no cost

  • Picture depicting virus molecules

Last week we released our free Coronavirus Awareness course, which covered many of the important topics surrounding the issue, including symptoms to expect, how to self isolate, and busting common myths.

In last week's blog, we mentioned that over 500 million enrolled students had already been affected by coronavirus - that number has now more than doubled, and stands at 1.3 billion.

This, alongside the increasing seriousness of the situation generally, has compelled eLearning WMB to take this offering a step further - the Coronavirus Awareness course is now free-to-download and to embed, meaning that it can be placed front and centre on webpages for employees, students, or members of your local community.

The Coronavirus Awareness Course can be found here!

We want this elearning to be seen by as many people as possible, to maximise its positive impact, so if you know of somewhere this course would be useful, please share this with them! If you have any further questions about our course or customising it, please get in contact with us.